How long does it take to recover from nasal polyp surgery?

nasal polyps nose bleeding

Normally one can recover in about two weeks after undergoing the surgery if all precautions are followed.

You will have to avoid dust and pollution at all cost. Otherwise it will take much longer to heal nasal polyps.

you will have to avoid taking hot baths and beverages ad this can cause bleeding from the nose and slow down the healing process.

Smokers are not allowed to smoke during the two weeks because smoking shrinks the blood vessels and causes problems.

nasal polyps nose bleeding

You should use a elevated pillow during the healing period so that you can breath properly and there is no congestion what so ever.

You will have to stay away from activities that cause the build up of pressure in the nose thus leading to swelling, pain and bleeding.

Therefore, you should avoid workouts, bending down, lifting weights etc.


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